Things are rapidly changing amid the COVID-19 crisis and we are doing everything in our power to stay updated hour by hour. Last night, the governor of California issued a stay at home order, however, physical therapy is still deemed medically necessary by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, a subdivision of the Department of Homeland Security.

At Holistic we offer:

- Private treatment rooms
- All equipment is wiped down after every patient
- Hands-off therapy (by request) instead of manual therapy to encourage social distancing.

We now offer Telehealth and E-visits with your favorite therapists through the Zoom online platform! Work on your home exercises together, check in with your therapist, and establish goals for the future! Zoom is a web-based video conferencing desktop & mobile app that allows users to meet online, with or without video. Zoom is ree to use and has very minimal setup.

After we get your consent to join, your therapist will send you a Zoom Meeting link via email. Click the link, then Zoom will prompt you to download the Zoom plugin and create an account. To create an account all you need is an email address and a password. Soon after that the meeting will begin automatically. Easy!

The length of your online session will be determined by your insurance. If you have any questions regaurding your insurance or Zoom, please feel free to email us at getwellwithholisticpt@gmail.com, or give our office a call at 619-787-2729.
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Holistic Physical Therapy & Yoga Healing Inc.
312 S Cedros Ave 206
Solana BeachCA 92075
 (619) 787-2729

Reviews Of Holistic Physical Therapy & Yoga Healing Inc.

5.0 21 Reviews
Julie S
Julie S
Feb 13, 2020

When I first saw Blair I couldn't walk for more than an hour without being in pain and limping all around town. I would run errands and then would have to be in bed the rest of the day. I also had a hurt shoulder and couldn't raise my arm above my chest without searing pain. She was the first therapist to tell me how these conditions were related, and how by working on them together I could start to heal. She was also the first therapist that looked at my entire body as one unit, instead of focusing on each injury individually, and she didn't just throw drugs at my problems. She made a home program specifically related to MY injuries. After that initial visit I continued my therapy with Megan. She worked with me for months until I could stand/walk/be on my feet for multiple hours at a time without pain or limping. If you knew how much of a struggle daily life was before this then you would understand how amazing this was to me and what an impact it made on my life. I love their holistic approach to therapy and love the good vibes I get when I walk in their door. I'm forever grateful to Megan and Blair and the entire staff at Holistic PT and Yoga Healing for all their help and for showing me that getting better wasn't impossible anymore, that it could happen if I put in the work.

Marjolaine Tourangeau
Marjolaine Tourangeau
Feb 04, 2020

I’m now 80 years old and can finally stand straight! I had a sway back posture with hunched over shoulders and doubt I had ever used my glutes while standing or walking. Thanks to Blair’s and Megan’s encouragement and their therapeutic exercises, I can now roll back and drop my shoulder blades, tilt my pelvis forward and tighten my glutes. I look and feel great in my upgraded body, even though its guarantee surely has expired .

Claudia Guadarrama
Claudia Guadarrama
Jan 28, 2020

Holistic Physical Therapy and Yoga Healing is in a class of its own. No other physical therapy has provided such positive results on my tangled body as this method. Megan is not only very knowledgeable but she’s compassionate, caring and very positive. I started seeing her in October when the right side of my body felt grossly out of alignment and in pain, to the point that I couldn’t sleep. She assessed the problem, physically manipulated some very tight muscles and gave me some exercises to do at home. Her manipulations and recommended exercises have worked wonders! I tried several traditional physical therapists, but their treatments were not as effective as Megan’s. I was referred by several friends, and all of us have experienced the same wonderful results. As a friend recently said, on a scale of 1 to 10, Holistic Physical Therapy and Yoga is a 20!

Tom Peterson
Tom Peterson
Jan 09, 2020

Megan and her staff are the best. Very positive. My posture and range of motion have improved greatly over 3 months. And, I stand 1.5 inches taller!

Laura Berend
Laura Berend
Dec 28, 2019

Megan and Blair are incredible therapists who are accomplishing what no one else could. I am very, very grateful. I saw Nataly Pluta, the former owner,, first starting in May, 2017, who at last correctly diagnosed a muscular and spinal realignment problem. She prepared specific exercises to do at home and gradually started to realign my spine. She had me stop gardening and exercise to allow muscles to slowly realign. I then saw Megan, who made significant progress that is visible. My shoulders evened out horizontally for the first time. Nataly retired and I've been seeing Blair and Megan since then. Progress has moved even faster and I have zero pain on many days now. Blair has added exercises for immediate pain relief and more stretches, and I can finally sleep without drugs or pain. I fully appreciate getting a full night's sleep again. I've resumed my yoga practice and zumba without pain, and am starting a little gardening again. My muscles still go into spasm at times, but I have more relief than pain. I was very active before, and sometimes overdo because I'm feeling so much better. To put these amazing healers in perspective, on 4/28/15 muscles in my neck and left shoulder went into spasm while I was out of town. The pain was an agonizing and disabling 9-plus out of 10. Returning home, I saw my regular massage therapist, chiropractor, and acupuncturist. No relief. An orthopedic doc who fixed my knee got nowhere with injections and sent me to a spinal surgeon who referred me to an anesthesiologist for 6 injections, and another chiropractor. No relief. My internist sent me to physical therapy. No relief. I could not drive my car for 6 months because of severe pain. After that I saw two more chiropractors, another acupuncturist, another massage therapist, a myofascial relief specialist, another physical therapist who actually helped a little, and a stretching specialist who helped a little to until I was sent to Nataly. I was still in constant pain when I first saw Nataly. I had not slept for more than two to three hours a night for two years because of pain, and required drugs to even get that much rest. I could not stay seated for several plane trips, and had to stand up as soon as the seatbelt sign was off, including two 13-hour flights which were agonizing. No one had noticed that my left shoulder was significantly higher than my right.

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